Phone System Management

You rely on your business information technology as an integral part of your process and productivity. You don’t want to waste valuable time dealing with IT problems or the hassles of maintaining systems on your own. That’s why Megalo Technologies has been Missouri’s trusted MSP Since 2009: We handle your technology issues so you don’t have to.

As part of our commitment to Enterprise-class IT, we offer phone system management for your business VoIP – ensuring your phone system stays up-to-date and secure so you focus on your business.

VoIP Configuration and Maintenance

Whether you have an established VoIP system in place or need to upgrade from analog phones in your business, we can help. Our team will handle the technical aspects of setting up your phone network, configuring the system and giving you the tools to easily take advantage of VoIP flexibility – from adding and subtracting lines to utilizing various call features.

Responsive Service and Experienced Technicians

Once the system is set up, we’ll be able to provide the necessary maintenance to keep your system up-to-date and secure. By providing monitoring and proactive service, we can identify potential issues before they arise and work to keep your communications systems working smoothly. And if something does go wrong, our team is available 24/7 to provide support, answer questions, and get you back online.

To learn more about our phone system management services, contact us today! Or, if you’re an existing client experiencing an issue, please log in to submit a help ticket online.

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