Managed Backup Solutions

Megalo Technologies in Branson, MO can minimize the workload for your users and network administrators and maximize time and cost savings of network management with managed backup solutions.

The Ugly Alternative to Managed Backup Solutions

Without managed backup solutions, you face some very unattractive outcomes, such as:

Complete wipe-out in the event of a sustained outage

    • Without any backups in place, your network configurations, desktop settings and data may simply cease to exist after an outage. Getting back up and running, then, requires re-engineering your entire network from the ground up. The cost of this type of recovery often leads to the financial ruin of many companies.

Time- and cost-intensive uncoordinated backups
If you are relying on individual users to back up their computers or have a tech-savvy team member run network backups when they remember, you are robbing your team of productive time and leaving yourself open to significant losses resulting from gaps between backups.

Anything short of managed backup solutions leaves you open to major losses, some from which you may not be able to recover.

Cost-Effective Managed Backup Solutions

As part of our proactive approach to IT management, managed IT services from Megalo Tech includes a customized managed backup plan. We take the time to understand (or engineer) your network and your business demands so that we can:

  • Identify the types of backups you need managed
  • Create a schedule that ensures systemic backups are performed regularly
  • Identify the most cost-effective storage solution for your backup files

All these services are covered under your managed IT service agreement for a single affordable rate.

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