Network Assessment

If your company’s network is performing adequately, it is tempting to leave well enough alone. But ignoring your network can lead to problems, potentially very costly ones, down the road. Megalo Technologies in Branson, MO, can help you avoid network problems with a thorough assessment.

What Network Assessment Does

A network assessment is an evaluation of your network’s performance and security. A network assessment looks at how systems are connected and configured to determine:

  • Where security vulnerabilities exist or are likely to develop
  • Network speed and areas where performance may be enhanced
  • Potential limitations to network expansion

In short, a network assessment provides a snapshot of your network infrastructure and performance to help you make decisions about how to maintain and improve it.

When You Need Network Assessment

Network assessment is a necessary first step for any business interested in:

  • Preventing security issues
  • Improving network performance
  • Expanding business operations

Any IT company attempting to propose network changes without first assessing your network is “flying blind.” The changes they propose could waste thousands of dollars and/or jeopardize your network.

Comprehensive Network Management

At Megalo Tech, we perform comprehensive network assessments, but that’s not all. We generate a report that includes software and hardware recommendations for addressing security vulnerabilities, system incompatibilities, updates, upgrades and more.

To make sure your company’s network infrastructure keeps pace with your growing business demands, contact us. Existing clients may request a network assessment through our online portal.

Megalo Technologies in Branson, MO performs comprehensive network assessments. Call 1-877-990-9397 today!