Data Security Compliance Audits

Data security is a big deal for every business, but for companies that store, process and transfer confidential client data, data security regulations may be government-mandated. For businesses in the healthcare and financial sector, Megalo Technologies can perform data security compliance audits to identify and mitigate potential problems before an official audit is conducted.

Compliance Audit Process

To have Megalo Tech perform a compliance audit, follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Schedule an audit
    Contact us or login to our online portal to request a compliance audit, specifying what type of audit you need done. We work with your schedule to determine when and how the audit will be completed.
  • Step 2: Megalo Tech performs audit
    Some audits have checklists; others are more open-ended. Some audits can be done remotely; others require physical inspection of equipment and/or access. Our technicians have experience with a variety of audit formats and will do whatever is necessary to prepare you for your official compliance audit.
  • Step 3: Schedule audit review consultation
    We will compile findings and recommendations to mitigate compliance infractions or potential weaknesses.

In order to ensure that your organization has enough time to identify compliance issues and implement solutions, we encourage clients to schedule private compliance audits at least two months prior to an official audit.

If you need a compliance audit done but are not yet a client, please contact us. We can develop a customized managed IT service agreement that meets your needs and budget and gives us the access we need to perform a thorough audit.

Software Audits

Megalo Tech also performs software audits to identify applications running on each system or device on your network. Software audits allow us to make software recommendations that avoid conflicts with existing applications or compliance issues. Software audits can be done completely remotely, allowing us to complete them in one week.

Megalo Technologies in Branson, Missouri can help you prepare for an official compliance audit. Call 1-877-990-9397 today!