Secure Data Backups

Your disaster recovery plan should not put you at higher risk for malicious threats, but if you are not practicing secure data backups, that is exactly what is happening. Megalo Technologies provides secure data backups as part of our managed IT services to keep your data protected in transit and in storage.

What Makes Data Backups Secure

On a very basic level, data backups entail making copies of your data and storing them somewhere else—on an external hard drive, on a virtual server, in the cloud, etc. Most people know that the storage destination has to be secure, but if you are using an unsecured transfer protocol to get your copied data to its storage location, your data and network are open to hacking along the way.

Megalo Tech makes sure that data is encrypted before being transferred to the backup destination.

Testing Backed-up Data

Data backups are only useful if they actually work. To know that your scheduled data backups are actually being executed and the data can be accessed from the storage destination, you have to test it. Unfortunately, most network administrators skip this step…but not Megalo Tech.

We check our clients’ data backups daily to make sure the data reached the correct destination. We restore data monthly to make sure that the backed-up data is accessible and uncorrupted. (Data restores are done on a virtual client during off hours so that our clients’ operations are not affected.)

Boost Your Data Security

For superior data security and recovery capability, contact Megalo Tech to develop a customized managed IT service plan for your business. If you would like to know more about your current data security and disaster recovery status, contact us—or use our online portal—to inquire about a network assessment.

Megalo Technologies in Branson, Missouri provides the highest level of data security—even during scheduled backups. Call 1-877-990-9397 today!