Access Control Security Services

As your managed IT service provider, part of our job at Megalo Technologies of Branson, MO, is to ensure the security of your data. Secure access control allows us to protect your information from threats, even accidental ones, arising from inside your organization.

Why You Need Access Control

Access control security is applied to your network allows you to restrict who has access and to what. Each user has a defined permission level that gives them access to the files and systems they need to do their work—and nothing more.

Because unauthorized users may not access or view sensitive files, private information remains private, and no one can accidentally wipe out entire folders, directories or networked devices. In short, secure access control provides both data privacy and network protection.

How We Deliver Secure Access Control

Megalo Tech can implement a variety of hardware and software systems to achieve secure access control at your facility. At minimum, we make sure that every person who needs access to your network has unique credentials to login. We handle the creation of access hierarchies to give the right users and roles the appropriate access.

We can also implement more sophisticated access control security, including biometrics.

We can also put our 20+ years of IT expertise to work in the creation of secure access policies that may be translated into configurations and permissions or exist outside the network for user reference.

Contact us to enhance the level of data security on your network. Existing clients who wish to alter secure access controls may request assistance by logging into our online portal.

Megalo Technologies in Branson, MO can secure your data and network with secure access control. Call 1-877-990-9397 today!