Best Cloud Backup Storage

Megalo Technologies in Branson, MO provides superior managed IT services. While managed IT service agreements are customized to meet your needs, every service plan includes network and data backups. And we rely on cloud-hosted storage solutions to provide the best security, performance and cost.

Backup storage refers to a storage device, platform, or facility that is used to store a copy or instance of data. In the event of data loss or need for backed up data, this storage enables retrieval and restoration of the backed up data from a server both external and internal.

Types of Best Cloud Backup Storage

Megalo Tech relies on cloud-hosted backup storage solutions for a number of reasons, including:

  • Redundancy
  • Security
  • Accessibility


The cloud is a network of servers. When your data is hosted on one, it is backed up by multiple systems in geographically separate locations. So, if one server fails, your data is still there, still safe, still accessible.


Third party cloud services implement multi-layer data security to ensure that your data on their servers remains intact and can only be accessed by you.


Cloud backup solutions are accessible from any networked device at any time. In the event that your network is compromised because of hacking threat or physical disaster, your data can be recovered in minutes from the cloud.

For a comprehensive disaster recovery plan, cloud-hosted backup storage is an essential component.

Types of Data Backup Storage

  1. Full Backups
  2. Incremental Backups
  3. Differential Backups

Full Backups

This type of cloud backup will copy the entire data in a disk once the procedure is initiated. This means they provide the highest level of protection. Most companies will perform partial backups because full backups are time and capital intensive; they also require large storage capacities to complete.

Incremental Backups

This is a type of cloud backup where the only data backed up. is that which has been accumulated since the last date of the backup. This method saves on memory. Due to its marginalized nature, it is difficult to perform a complete restoration of data. This platform is common because it is quick and cheap.

Differential Backups

This method is quite similar to incremental backups, but the main distinction is that it only backs up data that has been altered since the last date of a full backup rather than the last back up procedure.

Best Cloud Backup Storage with JandJ Tech

If your backup storage is only locally hosted, you are at an increased risk for data loss. Contact Megalo Tech to discuss best cloud backup storage solutions that meet your needs and budget. Our managed IT services include everything you need for hassle-free and secure data backups, including:

  • Researching cloud-hosted solutions for a package that fits your needs and budget
  • Scheduling up automatic data backups
  • Testing backed-up data

Our clients have 24/7 access to technical support through our online portal.

Megalo Technologies in Branson, Missouri delivers the best cloud-based backup storage solutions. Call 1-877-990-9397 today!